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Fields - waves - radiation
AC electric fields (low frequency)
Possible causes: AC currents in cables, installations, equipment, walls, floors, metal beds, overhead lines etc.

AC magnetic fields (low frequency)
Possible causes: AC currents in installations, equipment, transformers, motors, outdoor and ground lines, etc.

Electromagnetic waves (high frequency)
Possible causes: Mobile phone and data transmissions, aeronautical communications, radio, TV, civil and military radar, cordless phones (DECT-type), etc.

DC electric fields (electrostatic)
Possible causes: Synthetic carpets and curtains, synthetic wallpaper, paints, laminates, fabrics, coatings, monitors and screens, etc.

DC magnetic fields (magnetostatic)
Possible causes: Steel parts in beds, mattresses, furniture, appliances, construction materials, DC currents from streetcars, etc.

Examples: Construction materials, stones, tiles, slag, inherited pollution, soil radiation, appliances, ventilation, etc.

Geological disturbances
Possible causes: The earth's currents and radioactivity, interference from faults, fissures, water, etc.

Sound waves (airborne sound, structure-borne sound)
Possible causes: Street noise, aircraft, railways, industry, appliances, motors, etc