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Root canal /endodontic treatment
When decay or damage reaches the dental nerve, the nerve must be completely removed, leaving behind the central and accessory root canals. These are then optimally sterilized and sealed with a root filling. Bacteria and fungi in any residual inflamed tissue will remain active underneath the filling, particularly in the accessory canals. Therefore the utmost care must be taken while sterilizing and filling in order to avoid chronic inflammation, which may cause allergic reactions, intolerance, or granulomas.

Other diseases can also develop as a result, including:
• Hypertension
• Risk for heart attack
• Inflammation of the heart tissue (endocarditis)
• Atherosclerosis
• Arthritis
• Eye problems
• Pneumonia
• Brain abscesses
• Premature birth and low birth weight
Teeth with highly bifurcated root canals
X-ray with root filling of the central canal
By courtesy from Dr. Monika Chipperi