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Parodontal therapy
Cleaning and germ reduction in the gingival pockets is a multi-step process. Ultrasonic tartar scaling devices (air scaler, Vector®) and Handscaler gently smooth the surface of the root. We remove bacterial colonies in the periodontal pockets with a mix of sodium, powder and water (PerioFlow®).
We also use laser technology to eradicate 8becaus laser beam kills them) bacteria. This technology allows us to provide minimally invasive "no-bleeding" treatment with significantly less local anaesthesia and usually without antiobiotics or corticosteroids. The result is extensive bacteria reduction with relatively little pain.
Next we use a calcium hydroxide preparation for disinfection and tissue regeneration. A Q10 spray can be used at home for further treatment. No antibiotics are necessary.
Cells extracted from patient's own bone are used to aid tissue regeneration if necessary. These are developed from autologous stem cells, a process which requires about two to three month.