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Initial therapy
Nutrition councelling and intravenous therapy.
In the beginning of a successfull treatment a change of diet is often required. You should not eat food you react allergic or intollerant to and avoid food additives as preseravatives, conservants and artificial sweeteners. You should add to your daily amuont of liquid between 2 and 3 liters of good water. Furthermore you should controll your intestinal flora and avoid food that promotes the growth of candia as sugar and wheat. A leaky gut should be looked at.
To get fast reequilibration we first use intravenous therapy. Then mainainance is done by taking the nutrients orally. The principle of intravenous infusion therapy consists in balancing in a very short time deficits and refilling the body with fluid, using deficient vitamins, essential trace minerals, amino acids and fatty acids in saline solution and given slowly intravenously.