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Immunologic dental clinic - Natrail
Day hospital privato per odontoiatria immunologica
Rosenkavalierplatz 18/IV piano
81925 München
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Welcome to the Web site of Dr.Tapparo Your Immunological Dentistry Specialist Many health conditions are caused by problems in the mouth and jaw area. This correlation is known as the tooth-organ relationship. Often, these problems are due to the harmful effects of heavy metals, bacteria, toxins from the teeth and other environmental toxins and harmful substances in your home, on our immune system. An example is the intoxication from Amalgam fillings. Doctors and their patients are growing increasingly aware of new scientific findings on this topic. This awareness affords us the opportunity to detect potential health risks at an early stage, helping patients avoid years of misery and suffering.
This is where the holistic approach of Dr. Med. Dent. Ottaviano Tapparo comes in. Since the 1980s, we have been working extensively with the effects of heavy metals, environmental toxins and harmful substances in the domestic environment on the human organism.
Using state-of-the art examination methods, we work together with our patients to get to the bottom of problems with unknown causes, addressing not just the oral cavity but sources of problems in the patient's home and workplace as well.
The result is a personalized treatment approach that often puts an end to many years of searching for the cause of a patient's health problems. In many cases, this approach can help alleviate the patient's suffering or even bring about complete healing.
Our proactive prevention program includes a personalized risk assessment tailor-made for the patient accompanied by an initial examination and comprehensive consultation and advising services. We are happy to work together with your regular physician throughout this process. All with the goal of preserving our most valuable asset - your health.
Our Philosophy
We have been working with the effects of heavy metals, bacteria, toxins from the teeth environmental toxins and other harmful substances in the domestic environment on the human organism for years. The impact of certain solvents, building materials, fungi, bacteria and electromagnetic radiation on our environment is growing and leading to an increase in health problems.
Our extensive laboratory studies reveal a link between chronic exposure to immunological toxins and severe systemic diseases.
Our special diagnostic process focuses on these aspects in particular. We specifically examine for interactions with materials used in dentistry, bacteria, toxins, harmful substances and environmental and household toxins in the body. Materials used in the mouth, for example amalgam, are swallowed, inhaled or absorbed into adjacent structures such as the root, gum and jawbone. From there, they can spread throughout the entire body and form deposit in tissues and organs. After creating a personalized treatment plan, we remove these materials as well as bacteria and other toxins under stringent protective measures. We promote the natural elimination of harmful substances to reduce heavy metal contamination inside the body.
Our dental services use only metal-free materials. All materials are individually tested for tolerability on each patient. We were among the first in the dental care industry to offer metal-free treatment - a decision which has since become a trend.
Using this treatment method, we have been able to help many severely ill patients on their way towards reduced suffering, an end to progression, or healing.
When used preventatively, these measures can help keep serious health problems from arising in the first place.
Dr. Ottaviano Tapparo
Dr.Tapparo is a dentist specializing in naturopathic treatment. He has been practicing dentistry since 1984. He is a member of numerous professional associations and interdisciplinary research teams, and has extensive experience in the field of maxillofacial surgery, particularly in bone regeneration and new bone formation. He was one of the first names in dental implantology in Germany to perform the sinus lift procedure. For years, he has been concerned with the study of the various types of lasers used in dentistry.
Since 1987, he has been researching the effects of dental materials and environmental toxins on the human body and their relationship with chronic diseases and disorders of unknown etiology, and has developed measures to remove amalgam and heavy metals. Since 1995, he has worked with immunological detection of dental materials and environmental pollutants. He has been studying the effects of dental materials on multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) since 2001.
For his achievements in these areas, Dr. Ottaviano Tapparo 1997 was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Timisoara. He was also admitted as a member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.
Ottaviano Tapparo was born in Erlangen and studied at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Dentistry. After passing the state examination in July 1979, he received his PhD in 1981 on the subject of "The relationship between gastric secretion analysis and ulcer recurrence following selective vagotomy." He received his license to practice medicine the same year. In 1992, Dr. Tapparo was an associate professor at the University of Pharmacy and Medicine and the University of Appolonia, both in Jassy. He was appointed to the faculty of Ovidius University in Konstanza in 1993, where he served as Head of the Dental Implantology Department, which he himself helped to establish. In 1993 he founded the Department of Oral Implantology at the University for Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara and served as its head until 1996. In 2004 he was appointed professor honoris causa of the Medical Faculty of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu.