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Metal alloys
All alloys used in the oral cavity corrode – even titanium (Link auf Titan), creating metal ions which can trigger allergic sensitisations. The results are local and systemic inflammatory reactions.
About 30 percent of women and around 13 percent of men in Germany are allergic to nickel. 30 percent of these patients also have an allergic reaction to palladium, a frequently used component in dental alloys. Mercury,Chromium, cobalt, gold, platinum or silver allergies are rarer but nonetheless show up at a frequency rate of 5 to 8 percent in allergy tests.
Most allergies do not develop until several weeks after contact (type IV allergies).
With some metals such as e.g. mercury,Cadmium, Crome or silver, dose-dependent toxicological effects (enzyme function disorders) are also significant. Furthermore alloying constituents such as nickel, cadmium, cobalt and palladium are also carcinogenic.