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Environmental and household toxins
Unfortunately, the health hazards of environmental toxins, especially those found in the home, remain underestimated, even today. They are absorbed not only through the mouth but, depending on their form, through the skin or respiratory tract as well. These toxins must also be taken into account during the diagnostic process since they can have a significant influence on the symptom profile.
These toxins can be found in the form of fungi, bacteria and allergens of any kind. Various harmful substances found in the home may have an effect on quality of life. Electric waves and magnetic fields may have an adverse effect on our health as well.
There are clear connections between this type of environmental exposure and the following serious symptoms and health conditions:
• Sleep disturbances
• Chronic fatigue
• Exhaustion
• Pain in the arms and legs
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Sinusitis
• Nervousness
• Depression or depressive disorders
• Weakening of the immune system
• Susceptibility to infectious diseases
• An increase in cancer rates
• Hypersensitivity to chemicals