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Household toxins - harmful substances - indoor climate
Formaldehyde and other toxic gases
Possible sources: Paints, glues, particle board, wood materials, household equipment and appliances, heating, leaks, exhaust, etc.

Solvents and other volatile contaminants (VOCs)
Possible sources: Paints, varnishes, chipboard, furniture, components, cleaning products and toiletries, etc.

Biocides and other volatile contaminants
Possible sources: Wood, leather, carpet protection, adhesives, plastics, gaskets, moth spray, etc.

Heavy metals and other inorganic pollutants
Possible sources: Wood, PVC, architect, building materials, paints, sanitary and industrial materials, waste incineration, exhaust, etc.

Particles and fibers
Possible sources: Aerosols, dust, smoke, soot, construction and insulation materials, asbestos, mineral fibers, air conditioners, etc.

Indoor climate (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, odor, etc.)
Possible causes: Construction moisture, ventilation, heating, equipment, electrostatics, radiation, dust, etc.